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Boost the Value of Your Sewing Machine

Reliable sewing machine service in Abilene, TX

Keep your sewing machine working great for years to come. Star D LLC offers expert sewing machine services for clients in Abilene, TX and all over the state.

Does your machine need a little fixing up? Call 325-669-2790 today to make a sewing machine service appointment at Star D. 

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Star D offers a wide variety of sewing machine services in Abilene, TX. Here is a breakdown of our pricing:

  • Sharpening 3- to 4-inch scissors: $3 each
  • Sharpening 4- to 6-inch scissors: $5 each
  • Sharpening 6- to 8-inch scissors: $8 each
  • Sewing machine cleaning: $85 plus tax

The prices above are for standard sewing machines. We can provide services and cleanings on sergers and embroidery machines for a flat fee of $145, since the machines are much more complicated. Any other services outside of cleaning is an additional $35 per hour plus parts if needed.

Call 325-669-2790 today to learn more about the sewing machine services we offer in Abilene, Texas.